Three line IP Phone from Obihai

VoIP2Go has tailored an Internet Phone Service specifically for New Zealanders. The OBi1032 IP Phone from Obihai has all the advanced features we require in order to provide a high level of redundancy so that you are always able to make and receive calls. Features like placing calls on hold, transferring callers to internal extensions and conferencing are easy to configure and even easier to use. The line buttons next to the display and on the right side of the phone body allow simple programming. There has never been a better time to place your old analog PBX into retirement.

All versions of the OBi1000 Series Phones combine physical acoustics and digital conversion of audio to provide high definition voice communications. Every element of the design has been fine tuned to produce a crystal clear VoIP experience. The always-on diagnostics enable VoIP2Go support staff to troubleshoot any potential problems and the remote management capabilities allow for changes to be made via the OBiTALK Cloud Platform.

On the hardware side, the phones have dual ethernet ports that support Power over Ethernet. There is a full-duplex speakerphone and headset support is via an RJ9 port, 3.5mm Jacks (EHS) or Bluetooth. Let's not forget the color display with configurable themes and easy navigation. The OBi1032 supports the OBiWifi and OBiBT add-on USB modules and the OBi1062 has Wifi and Bluetooth built-in.

Of all the IP Phones on the market, the OBi1000 Series are the preferred phones for use with the VoIP2Go phone service. The combination of an extensive feature list at such a reasonable price is really tough to beat. We can help you set them up, we can help you get the most out of them and we can provide you with the support you need to keep your phone service running smoothly 24/7/365.

The OBi 1032 from the OBi1000 Series of IP Phones has all the call features you will ever need for your small business when it is connected to the VoIP2Go Hosted PBX Platform. Some of the features you might like are Speed Dialing by code of 99 OBi endpoints, buddies or numbers (E.164 or URI). Personal Phone Book (each entry with multiple numbers, photo and grouping). Hot Line and Warm Line calling. Five-way conference calls with local mixing. A large TFT RGB display gives you a visual indication of what is going on under the hood.

IP Phone

The phones have the familiar Obihai firmware inside and they plug straight into the VoIP2Go platform. All you'll need to do is connect the OBi1032 IP Phone into your router, lift the handset and start making calls. This is much more convenient than having a seperate VoIP box (ATA) like the Obi100 or Obi200 range and connecting an old analog phone handset.

The Line, Feature, Mute, Speaker and Headphone keys are illuminated. There are also Keypad, Home, Cancel/Return, five-way navigation plus four context sensitive soft keys. There are individual adjustments for the ringer, headset, speaker and handset. Don't worry about someone running off with your IP Phone as there is a Kensington Lock Port that fits to standard locking apparatus to keep the device secure.

Your privacy can be protected by using SIP over TCP with TLS. There is a configurable Contact List for inbound call routing, plus the Do Not Disturb, Caller ID and Anonymous Call Block features are available to minimize robo calls. The Personal Contact Phone Book has Import/Export/Sync functions with Call History and Picture Caller ID.

Gone are the days where you need to wade through hundreds of pages of equipment manuals just so you can make your first call. All of the complexity that comes along with Voice over IP is hidden from you because the OBi1032 has all of the VoIP2Go configuration settings entered and updated automatically via the Cloud based OBiTALK device management platform. VoIP just doesn't get more simple and flexible than VoIP2Go with an OBi1032 IP Phone.

Hosted PBX Platform

An OBi1032 connected to VoIP2Go becomes part of a powerful Hosted PBX solution with all of the call features your business will ever need. The Obi1000 Series IP Phones are loaded with telephony features, all of which are supported within our Hosted IP PBX Platform. We also added a few of our own for good measure. You can use star(feature) codes to choose between lowest cost or highest quality routes on an individual call basis. You have the option to terminate calls via servers that proxy media or servers that use direct media. Employees in your international offices can take advantage of our VoIP servers located in over a dozen countries to get the highest quality of calls. All of this is available from a single account for billing purposes and multiple sub accounts for your IP Phones, ATA's, softphones and Mobile Apps.