Six line IP Phone from Obihai

VoIP2Go has tailored an Internet Phone Service specifically for Kiwi Businesses. The OBi1062 IP Phone from Obihai has all the advanced features we require in order to provide a high level of redundancy so that you are always able to make and receive calls. The OBi 1062 shown in the image above has the 16 key side-car attached.

The OBi1062 phone uses the OBiTALK cloud based management portal for easy plug-n-call setup. They have an LCD display and all the features you'd expect from a cutting edge manufacturer like Obihai. They were released in the 4th quarter of 2014 and here's a sneak preview of the display...

Internet Phone

VoIP2Go is integrated into Obihai's OBiTALK portal and it's very simple to download all our settings into the OBi1062 IP Phone so that you can be making and receiving calls within minutes of taking it out of the box. We can help you set it up, we can help you keep it running smoothly and we can help you get the most out of the extensive feature list.

The OBi1062 IP phone electronics and acoustics were designed and developed by Obihai engineers in California. They are built with a high performance system-on-a-chip platform to guarantee crystal clear phone calls. In-service management and software upgrades keep maintenance requirements to an absolute minimum. G722, G711, G726, G729, iLBC and OPUS VoIP codecs are supported to avoid transcoding and ensure you are always able to get connected with optimum quality.

Device-to-device calling is available as standard via the VoIP2Go platform and also via the OBiTALK platform using the proprietary OBiTALK voice protocol. One thing that is special about the VoIP2Go service is that when you make an internal call within your LAN, the voice portion of the call remains within your LAN and flows directly between your VoIP phones. VoIP2Go does not proxy media for internal calls.

VoIP2Go Hosted PBX Platform

An OBi1062 connected to VoIP2Go becomes part of a powerful Hosted PBX solution with all of the call features your business will ever need. The Obi1000 Series IP Phones are loaded with telephony features, all of which are supported within our Hosted IP PBX Platform. We also added a few of our own for good measure. You can use star(feature) codes to choose between lowest cost or highest quality routes on an individual call basis. You have the option to terminate calls via servers that proxy media or servers that use direct media. Employees in your international offices can take advantage of our VoIP servers located in over a dozen countries to get the highest quality of calls. All of this is available from a single account for billing purposes and multiple sub accounts for your IP Phones, ATA's, softphones and Mobile Apps.