Lowest Call Rates in New Zealand

Just 1 US cent per minute to landlines and 10c to mobiles

VoIP2Go call rates are much lower than most, if not all VoIP Providers in New Zealand, however, we really focus more on quality and flexibility than cost. You have the option of setting a default call route of either 'Value' or 'Premium'. If you choose Value, then we'll get you the lowest possible rate we can find using our least cost routing technology. If higher quality calls are more important than cost, then set your default to Premium and we will use the highest quality routes that are available. All calls are billed by the minute and you can view itemised Call Detail Reports from your account in our web site at any time.

There is no volume commitment for making calls and you can use your Call Credit balance at whatever pace suits you best. The minimum deposit is just US$5 payable via PayPal and your Call Credit balance never expires. Any rate changes are applied on the second day of each month and we can provide you a full list of rates upon request. We'd be happy to work with you if you have any custom requirements.

Low Rates to the UK

Low Rates to the UK

VoIP2Go have a particular focus on offering the best rates for Brits in New Zealand to call home. It costs just 1 US cent to call most landline numbers and 10 cents per minute to call any mobile phone network (with just a few exceptions). In summary, it costs you exactly the same amount to make calls to the UK as it does to make calls within New Zealand. That's something you won't get from New Zealand based VoIP Providers!

New Zealand

Landlines - 1c per minute
Mobiles - 10c per minute


Landlines 1c per minute
Mobiles - 10c per minute
*some rare exceptions

USA / Canada

USA 48 - 1c per minute
CA Premium - 1c per minute
CA Value - ½c per minute